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Upcoming Prizes

eXTRA EXTRA! entries for a qualifying X The Money Scratcher!

Non-winning tickets can be entered through October 2!

Green Headline: A qualifying X The Money Scratcher means double the eXTRA Chances entries plus a chance to win $100!

From September 6, 2022, through October 2, 2022, a qualifying, non-winning X The Money Scratcher (eligible games listed below) is worth double the eXTRA Chances entries! Plus, when entered into eXTRA Chances, the non-winning Scratcher will be entered automatically into an extra drawing where 25 players each will win $100. There will be four of the extra drawings in this promotion.

Only non-winning tickets of the games listed below are eligible for entry. The game number is before the game name. The price is in parentheses.

  • #2144 2X The Money ($1)
  • #2145 5X The Money ($2)
  • #2146 10X The Money ($5)
  • #2147 20X The Money ($10)
  • #2149 100X The Money ($30)

Here’s an example. A regular non-winning $5 Scratcher with the eXTRA Chances logo is worth five (5) eXTRA Chances entries. If you enter a non-winning 10X The Money Scratcher (Game #2146 is the only eligible 10X The Money game), which costs $5, into the eXTRA Chances promotion, you’ll get 10 eXTRA Chances entries plus 10 entries into an extra drawing in which 25 players each will win $100.

With the extras on qualifying X The Money Scratchers now through October 2, we’re calling this the eXTRA EXTRA! Promotion. Watch for more eXTRA EXTRA! in the near future. Different games will be eligible for each installment of this promotion.

Odds of winning top prize in each game: 2X The Money: 1 in 1,762,560; 5X The Money: 1 in 1,762,560; 10X The Money: 1 in 1,713,600; 20X The Money: 1 in 1,958,400; 100X The Money: 1 in 2,652,000. $1,000,000 prizes in 20X The Money will be paid in annual installments for 30 years. Cash value = $625,000. $5,000,000 prizes in 100X The Money will be paid in annual installments for 30 years. Cash value = $3,125,000. Odds of winning a prize in the eXTRA EXTRA! Promotion depend on the total number of entries received. Odds of winning any prize in the eXTRA Chances promotion depend on the total number of entries received.

Enjoy double the fun with eXTRA Chances Scratchers

If you see an eXTRA Chances logo on the front of a non-winning Scratcher, you have a shot at a second chance to win if you enter the ticket into the Lottery's eXTRA Chances drawing.

What are second-chance drawings?

Second-chance drawings provide you the opportunity to receive added value for your ticket purchase by allowing you to enter into a specific promotion. Second-chance promotions are separate from eXTRA Chances. These are available intermittently and follow official rules unique to each individual promotion. Some second-chance promotions require you to keep your ticket entry and/or entry form in order to claim a prize. Please refer to the official rules for specific requirements.

What can you win if you enter non-winning eXTRA Chances Scratcher tickets in the drawing?

The Lottery changes the prizes for the eXTRA Chances drawings each month. Check them out every month to see what you could win. Here are some examples of possible prizes.

  • A tropical vacation
  • Concert tickets
  • Home-improvement gift cards

How do eXTRA Chance Scratcher games work?

First, you can buy a Scratcher at your local Lottery retailer — find one near you using our Find a Retailer tool. Then scratch off the play area to see if you win a prize playing the game.

Didn't win? If your ticket has the eXTRA Chances logo on the front, you can enter it into an eXTRA Chances drawing and get a second shot at winning — but you must have the non-winning ticket in your possession to enter.

Some games have specific 2nd Chance drawings; those tickets can be entered into those drawings for a specific prize.

How can you enter the eXTRA Chances drawing?

You can enter in two ways:

  • Mail in your non-winning ticket to the Virginia Lottery.
  • Enter online with your non-winning ticket. You can even download the Lottery's mobile app to enter the drawing.

The Lottery values K-12 public education

Every time you play the Virginia Lottery, kids across the commonwealth are the real winners. All Lottery profits go to the K-12 public schools in Virginia. In Fiscal Year 2020, the Lottery generated $595 million for K-12 public schools.

Look for eXTRA Chances Scratchers today

If you love the excitement of playing Scratchers and trying to win, now you can get another shot if your Scratcher isn't a winner. The weekly eXTRA Chances drawing is another shot at a win. If you love playing Virginia Lottery games, sign up for a MyGameRoom account to access other ways to play.

Scan and Enter Through the App!

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